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Clogged drains are often the result of years of overcrowding, slightly choking your pipes with mud, hair, oil, and soap residues. Signs such as a buildup of water in the bathtub or a foul-smelling odor in the kitchen sink may increase over time, making it difficult to know when your ditch will close.

Our enzymatic treatment puts the germs found in plants to work by consuming hair proteins, fats, oils, and fats, breaking down the most common causes of blockages that keep your pipes clean for a long time. The cultures we use are completely safe and only guide the design of your plumbing giving your home an efficient and fresh smelling plumbing system.

When you find a drain blockage in your home, our team will first check your whole plumbing system to find the source of the problem. Using a variety of powder, liquid, and foam cleaners, we carefully eliminate any clogs in your drains. In extreme cases, our team can use video camera surveillance tools to detect hidden obstacles. From there, our plumbing experts will make an expert recommendation for the best way to solve the problem.

We believe that our customers need to be treated with good respect and provided with an amazing level of customer service. If you choose our service team, you can be sure that the Erector hub team will not only have the knowledge but also the knowledge needed to complete your waste disposal and sanitation for the first time, at all times.

Hair, artificial soap, toothpaste, dirt, toilet paper, and other bathroom products can cause serious damage to your clothes over time, causing serious plumbing problems. When you face such issues as bathroom drain cleaning, just remember our team to give you the best services. Our team will give you the perfect service of bathroom drain cleaning.

When soap, grease, fats, and food permeate your kitchen, the inner walls of your kitchen faucet may clog due to buildup, causing an unwanted blockage. In such cases, just give a short call to the team of Erector hub. Our team of experts will give you the best services for kitchen drain cleaning.

A sewer pipe transports your gray and black water to the wild. Any ban can cause serious problems. So, take this problem seriously. Call the professionals for inspection of sewer drains. The team of Erector hub can give you the best services of sewer drain cleaning. So, just give us a call and we will be at your door.

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Drainage Cleaning

Drainage opening

Drain Line Jetting Unclogging and Drain Cleaning Services in Dubai

Water is indispensable for the survival of our lives and the more important factor is safe water provision to all folks. Drainage Opening systems supply the entire water for satisfying all natural needs. Because of this reason, drainage systems are far more important and play a significant role in water supplication to community people. You should never compromise on drainage cleaning services because your & your family’s health depends on it, so there is no chance of taking any risk in this matter. There are several procedural activities by which drain cleaning services are being provided and then professional outside drain cleaners cleanse the drains from outside and inside to let your water supplication stay fresh and cleaned.  


The drainage opening systems are of various sorts that are used in Dubai and Erector Hub provide you exceptional and proficient services for every type of drainage cleaning. We have an extensive range of tools and technical working paradigms to serve our worthy clients in the best and amazing manner. We offer you the following drainage cleaning services that are cost effective and up to the mark:


  • Drain opening services

  • Outdoor drain cleaner

  • Drain cleaning services

  • Plumbing drain cleaning services 

  • Inside drain cleaner

  • Sewerage and drain cleaning services

Drainage Opening
Drainage Opening

Types Of Drainage Opening System:

There are four types of drainage system out of which two are major categories and two are minor ones, that are illustrated below to let you know all aspects and features of the drainage cleaning process:


  1. Surface drainage system:

Are you living on very flat land? Then you are in urgent need of a surface drainage opening system because frequent rains cause water accumulation that ultimately results in causing water pooling, which damages the quality of water in the home that is used for fulfilling basic needs if you do not cure the drainage system. It requires exact and accurate digging with appropriate measurements, facts, and figures for surface draining. When you will get our expert and topnotch services of drainage systems, then you can expect standardized services from us and you can use that drained surface as a walkway and car driveway as well.

  1. Subsurface drainage system:

The subsurface drainage opening system is buried under the soil and we specifically construct it to eradicate the excessive amount of water that is developed under the soil. It freed the water that is trapped in the soil to give its excess to plants and trees also to get them their food. This drainage system uses pipes to run them deep underground to drain effectively. A sump pump can push the water up via these pipes easily.

  1. Slope drainage system:

We carry a slope drainage system through pipes but it is not underground as it is installed on an incline. It causes water to flow naturally from your home as the incline is considered as a natural pathway of the water and it is the easiest way to do this all. 

  1. Downspout and gutter system:

It is the most crucial drainage opening system for homes and Erector Hub is there for you whenever you require this on an urgent basis. In this drainage system, the downspout is directly connected to the gutter that gets rid of the excess water on your roofs. If you will not consider it significant, it can cause you serious problems during the rainy season as water will get from the roof speedily and hit your ground. Save yourself from any tension and get the chance to attain the best drainage cleaning services of Erector Hub by booking your consultation now.

Drainage Opening 4

Why Choose Erector Hub for Serving You

If you are looking for a drainage opening, then you should choose the best drain opening services that can give you the benefit of working with a guarantee of assured fixing for a specified time. You will find a lot of drains opening services in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, but pick Erector Hub because of the phenomenal working criteria at a reasonable cost that will amaze you after the completion of the work. We strive to complete work before the end date but sometimes it takes an end date of the project as well. 

According to our policy, we don’t get late in accomplishing the project after the date, as rules of Erector Hub are inflexible for lately work completed after the due date. We achieve the entire drainage operations of Erector Hub prior to the fixed project date because we apply smart approaches towards project efforts and in the end, cleaning of all the waste material is our responsibility as well because we want to ease our customers at any cost. 

Drainage Opening
Drainage Opening

FAQs To Respond To Your Questions:

Can I clean the drainage by myself instead of getting any professional and skilled services?

You can clean it but the way professionals can tackle this all activity, you definitely cannot handle it in that same way. It requires an experienced worker that can accomplish drain cleaning task by supervising the handypersons team.

After what time drainage opening cleaning services should be scheduled?

Eighteen to twenty-two months are enough for a drainage period and after that time, you require another procedural activity to clean the drains appropriately via taking professional drain cleaning services

What factors will cause the drainage to get dirty and spread diseases?

A dirty drain causes serious health hazards by contaminating the water. The reasons behind this are mentioned below, go through them and get an appropriate safety arrangement for you and your loved ones:

  • Tree roots of pipes are a major cause of contaminating drains, so beware of it.

  • Poor installation is also one of the major causes of it. Be attentive to clumsy workers and let your services get by professional workers only to ensure safety.

  • Unwanted objects and things can be stuck in the drains like hair, food, and anything else that should be avoided, but most of the time we don’t properly care for this and let an extra wastage material go inside easily. 

Be careful about these factors and, don’t let any factors play with your health. Take it seriously and let your environment stay clean and fresh. Never forget to call us for exceptional drainage opening and cleaning services whenever you need them.